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C,C++ Training in Chennai

C,C++ Training in Chennai , C,C++ Training Center in Chennai with Placement , C,C++ Course fees

C,C++ Course Syllabus

Getting Started

  • Background

  • Sample program

  • Components of a C program

  • Data types

  • Naming conventions for variables

  • Printing and initializing variables

  • Defining arrays

  • Functions and Operators

  • Functions

  • Invoking functions

  • Elementary operators

  • The operator= operators

  • The conditional operator

  • Increment and decrement operators

  • Control Flow Constructs

  • if statement

  • if else statement

  • while loop

  • for loop

  • Endless loops

  • do while loop

  • break and continue statements

  • switch statement

  • else if

  • The C Preprocessor

  • #define

  • Writing macros

  • #include

  • #ifdef

  • #ifndef

  • Simple I/O

  • Character i/o

  • Handling end of file

  • Simple i/o examples

  • Redirecting standard I/O

  • i/o with character arrays

  • More On Functions

  • Function declarations

  • Returning a value or not

  • Function prototypes

  • Arguments and parameters

  • Organization of C source files

  • An extended example

  • Main function

  • The gets function

  • The strcmp function

  • The check function

  • The atoi function

  • The average function

  • Bit Manipulation

  • Defining the problem space

  • Readability aids

  • Bit wise operators

  • Bit wise functions

  • Circular shifts

  • Strings

  • Fundamental concepts

  • Aggregate operations

  • String functions

  • Higher Dimensional Arrays

  • Array dimensions

  • An array as an argument to a function

  • Arrays of strings

  • Separate Compilation

  • Compiling over several files

  • Function scope

  • File scope

  • Program scope

  • Local static

  • resister and extern

  • Object files

  • Libraries

  • The C loader

  • Header files

  • Pointers (Part I)

  • Fundamental concepts

  • Pointer operators and operations

  • Changing an argument with a function call

  • Pointer arithmetic

  • Traversing arrays with a pointer

  • Traversing strings with a pointer

  • String functions with pointers

  • Relationship between array and pointer

  • The pointer notation *p++

  • Pointers (Part II)

  • Dynamic storage allocation - malloc

  • Functions returning a pointer

  • Initialization of pointers

  • gets - A Function returning a pointer

  • An array of character pointers

  • Pointer to pointer

  • Command line arguments (CLA) - rationale

  • CLA: Pointer expressions

  • The environment pointer

  • Accessing characters on the command line

  • Practice with pointers

  • Changing a pointer through a function call

  • Pointer to a function

  • Uses of pointers to functions

  • Structures

  • Fundamental concepts

  • Describing a structure

  • Creating structures

  • Operations on structures

  • Functions returning structures

  • Passing structures to functions

  • Pointers to structures

  • Making sense of the p -> member notation

  • Structures vs structure pointers

  • Array of structures

  • Functions returning pointer to structure

  • Structure Related Items

  • typedef - New name for an existing type

  • typedef with structures

  • Header files for structure applications

  • Bit fields

  • Unions

  • Non-homogeneous arrays

  • Enumeration types

  • File I/O

  • System calls vs library calls

  • Opening disk files

  • Access modes

  • Errors in opening files

  • i/o library calls

  • Example: copying a file

  • Character input vs line input

  • Motivation for the scanf function

  • scanf and variants

  • printf variants

  • Closing files fclose

  • Servicing errors - errno

  • Information About Files

  • The stat function

  • File existence

  • Telling time - time

  • ctime

  • localtime

  • Binary I/O With Structures

  • A data base application

  • the main function

  • the menu function

  • create_db function - fwrite

  • print_db function - fread

  • fseek

  • retrieve_db function

  • fflush and ftell

  • Useful Library Functions

  • strstr - Is one string a substring

  • strchr, strrchr - Is a char in a string

  • system - Execute a command line

  • command

  • strtok - Tokenize a string

  • strspn, strcspn - Verify string content

  • Math functions

  • Character testing functions


    Module 1. Object Oriented C++ Programming Fundamentals

    Concepts of Object Oriented Programming

  • Objects

  • Information Hiding and Encapsulation

  • Abstract Data Types

  • Methods and Messages

  • Classes

  • Class Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Classes in C++

  • Data Encapsulation in C and C++

  • Definition of C++ Classes

  • Member Data and Functions

  • this Pointer

  • Abstract Data Types

  • Organizing Code for Classes

  • Functions in C++

  • Function Prototypes and Type Checking

  • Conversion of Parameters

  • Default Arguments

  • Inline Functions

  • Function Overloading

  • Constructors and Destructors

  • Constructors and Initializations

  • Object Creation and Destruction

  • Destructors

  • Multiple Constructors in a Class

  • Hidden Constructors

  • Memory Management in C++

  • Static, Automatic and Heap Memory

  • New and Delete

  • Handling Memory Allocation Errors

  • Hiding Details of Memory

  • Management in a Class

  • Implementing a Dynamic String Class

  • References and Argument Passing in C++

  • Call by Value

  • Reference Declarations

  • Reference Arguments

  • Copy Constructor

  • Constant Arguments and Functions

  • Operator Overloading, Initialization, and Assignment

  • Operator Overloading

  • Semantics of Assignment

  • Initialization vs. Assignment

  • Overloading Assignment

  • Type Conversions

  • Scope and Access Control

  • Scope in C++

  • Friend Functions

  • Const and Enumeration Types

  • Static Members

  • Introduction to Inheritance

  • Inheritance for Modeling and Reuse

  • Class Derivation

  • Access Control

  • Base Class Initialization

  • Composition

  • Initializing Class Type Members

  • Polymorphism and Virtual Functions

  • Virtual Functions and Dynamic Binding

  • Polymorphism in C++

  • Pointer Conversion

  • Virtual Destructors

  • Abstract Classes and Pure Virtual Functions

  • Module 2. Intermediate C++ Programming

    ANSI C++ Library

  • New Header Files

  • Namespaces in the Standard Library

  • ANSI C++ String Classes

  • Templates in the Standard Library

  • Templates

  • C++ Template Mechanism

  • Function Templates

  • Class Templates

  • Generic Programming

  • Implementing a General Array Class

  • Standard Template Library

  • Input/Output in C++

  • Streams I/O Library

  • Formatted Stream I/O

  • File I/O

  • I/O in User Defined Classes

  • Practical Aspects of C++Programming

  • Interfacing C and C++

  • Namespaces

  • Reliability in C++ Programs

  • Testing Considerations

  • Efficiency Considerations

  • Exception Handling

  • C++ Exception Mechanism

  • Exceptions Compared to Other Error Handling Techniques

  • throw, try and catch

  • Exception Context and Stack Unwinding

  • Uncaught Exceptions

  • Automatic Cleanup in Exception Handling

  • Runtime Type Information

  • Runtime Type Information (RTTI) Mechanism

  • type_info Class and typeid Operator

  • Type Safe Pointer Conversion

  • New C++ Cast Syntax

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