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Trained 5000+ Students in Java Technology in real time, hands on practical manner. Our Trainer Mr.Senthil is having vast expert in Java Domain. We undertake Java real time projects and students once they complete training we support them with the real time project in Java Technology.

Java SE Training in Chennai , Java SE Training Institute in Chennai

Java SE Training Institute in Chennai & Java SE Training in Chennai with Placement & Java SE Training Center in Chennai & Java SE Training with Placement in Chennai

IICT, Chennai provides real-time and placement focused Java SE training in chennai. Our advanced Java SE course includes basic to advanced level and our Java SE course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in chennai as quickly as once you complete the Java SE training course. Our Java SE trainers are OCJP Certified Experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Java SE projects knowledge. We have designed our Java SE course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our Java SE training program, you will learn Introduction to Java, Java Language Fundamentals, Variables & Data Types, Expression & Operators, Control Structures, Implict & Explicit Primitive Type Casting, OOP in Java, Abstract Classes & Interfaces, Arrays, java.lang, Exception Handling, Enumeration, Generics, Collections,, Threads, Annotation, JDBC, Java SE real time project and Java SE placement training.

Our Java SE training center are equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide OCJP certification training path for our students. Through our associated training center, we have trained more than 5000+ Java SE students and provided placement. Our Java SE course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. Java SE training in chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

Java SE Training Course Syllabus

100% Real Time Hands on Practical Training offered at IICT for Java SE Course by Mr.Senthil 15+ years of experieced expert in Java Domain.

Java SE Course Syllabus in Chennai

Introduction to Java


Introduction to Java

Java Platforms

Java Compilation Process

Java Technology Features

Evolution of Java


Lab Activities

Java Language Fundamentals


How Develop, Compile & Execute a Java Program

Standard output stream

Standard input stream


Method Signature

Command Line Arguments






Lab Activities

Variables & Data Types


What is variable?

How variable are declared & initialized

What is variable?

How variable are declared & initialized

Classification of programming language

Java Data Types Categories

Integer Data Types & representation

Character Data Type

Real Numbers

Float Data Type

Double Data Type

Boolean Data Type

Various Literals

Local Variables & its Scope


Lab Activities

Expression & Operators


About Expressions & Operators?

Java Operators

Assignment Operators

Arithmetic Operators

Relational Operators

Numeric Comparison

Conditional Logical Operators

Bitwise Operators

Increment & Decrement Operators

Assignment Operators

Conditional Operators

Order of Operator Precedence


Lab Activities

Control Structures


Empty Statement

Control Structures

Sequence Structures

Selection Structure

If Statement

Switch Statement

Repetition Structure

While Statement

Do-While Statement

For Statement

Foreach Statement

Continue Statement

Break Statement


Lab Activities

Implict & Explicit Primitive Type Casting


Conversion Fundamentals

Implicit Identity Conversion

Widening (Implicit) Numeric Conversion

Explicit Conversion

Narrowing (Explicit) Numeric Conversions

Widening & Narrowing Primitive Conversion

Numeric Promotion


Lab Activities

OOP in Java


Define & understand the principle of OOP

Define & understand the principle of class

Create object from the class

Working the instance members

Define & use the constructors

Use of this keyword

Perform assignment on value & reference type

Pass the argument to method parameters

Return objects from methods

Define & understand the concept of polymorphism

Overload the methods & constructors

Define & understand the concept of inheritance

Use the super & final keyword

Understand & implement the concept of Upcasting

Understand & implement the concept of Downcasting

Implement the concept of method overriding

Define & understand the concept of encapsulation

Packages & Package Creation

CLASSPATH Environmental Variables

The import Statement

Specify the various access modifiers

Define & implement the nested classes

Implement the recursion concept

Understand the concept of garbage collection


Lab Activities

Abstract Classes & Interfaces


Define & Use the Abstract Class.

Define & Use Abstract Member.

Define & Use Abstract Nested Classes.

Define & Use Interface.

Overcome the Name Conflict in Interface Implementation.

Describe the Interface Inheritance.

Use instanceof Operator.

Define & Use Interface within a Class.


Lab Activities



Array Definition

Purpose of an Array

Illustrate the single & multi dimensional array

Single dimension arrays

Multi Dimension Rectangular Arrays

Multi Dimensional Jagged Arrays

Array Length

Array Immutability

Array References


Lab Activities



About java.lang Package

The java.lang Package Class Hierarchy

The Object class

Wrapper Classes

Boolean & Character Class

Number Class

Byte, Short, Integer & Long Classes

Float & Double Classes

String Class

StringBuffer & StringBuilder Classes

System Class


Lab Activities

Exception Handling


Error & its Types

Getting started with Exceptions

Try-Catch Block

Multiple Catch

Nested Try/Catch Blocks

Finally Block

Throw Statement

Throws Clause

User Defined Exceptions

Commonly Used Pre-build Exceptions

Exception Class

Checked & Unchecked Exception

Catching Derived Class Exception

Multi-catch Exception

Rethrowing the Exception

Try with resources


Lab Activities



Introduction to Enumeration

Enumeration Definition

Enumeration Declaration

Enumeration Constructor

Enumeration Instance Variables

Enumeration Implements Interface

The java.lang.Enum Class


Lab Activities



What is Generics?

Generic Class

Generic Class Object Creation

Declaring Members inside Generic Class

Before Generics

Bounded Type

Passing Generics

Wild Card Arguments

Upper & Lower Bounds

Generic Method

Generic Constructor

Generic Interface

Raw Type

Generic Class Inheritance

Generic Restrictions


Lab Activities



Iterable Interface & Collection Interface & List Interface

ListIterator Interface

ArrayList Class

Queue Class & Deque Class

LinkedList Class & Vector Class & Stack Class

ArrayDeque Class

Set & SortedSet Interface

HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet Class

Map & SortedMap Interface

HashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeMap Class

IdentityHashMap Class

Array Class & HashTable Class

StringTokenizer Class & Enumeration Interface


Lab Activities



OutputStream & InputStream

FileOutputStream & FileInputStream

BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream

DataOutputStream & DataInputStream


ObjectOutputStream & ObjectInputStream

Writer & Reader

OutputStreamWriter & InputStreamReader

FileWriter & FileReader

BufferedWriter & BufferedReader



Lab Activities



Single Thread Model

Thread Class

Main Thread

Thread Priorities

Creating new thread

By extending Thread class

By implementing Runnable interface


Implementing Synchronization


Lab Activities



Annotation Overview

Predefined Annotation

The @Override Annotation

The @Deprecated Annotation

The @SuppressWarnings Annotation

The @SafeVarargs Annotation

Custom Annotation Type

Meta Annotation

Annotation Interface


Lab Activities



JDBC API Overview

Types of JDBC Drivers

DriverManager Class

Connection Interface

Statement, PreparedStatement Interface

CallableStatement Interface

ResultSet Interface

Multi Result Set

Transaction Management

ResultSetMetaData, ParameterMetaData


Batch Processing

Scrollable, Updatable ResultSet

Obtain Generated Keys


Lab Activities

Java SE Trainer profile - IICT, Chennai

  • More than 15+ Years of experience in Java SE Technologies

  • Has worked on many realtime Java SE projects

  • Working in a MNC company in Chennai

  • Trained 5000+ Students so far.

  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

  • OCJP certified Professional

  • Java SE training batch size in Chennai

    Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

  • Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

  • Fast Track Batch (4+ Hours daily)

  • Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

  • Java SE training duration in Chennai

    Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Duration : 30 days

  • Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Duration : 8 Weeks

  • Fast Track Training Program( 4+ hours daily)

  • Duration : within 20 days

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