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SAP FICO Training in Chennai & SAP FICO Training institutes in Chennai & SAP FICO Training institute in Chennai & SAP FICO Training Centers in Chennai

SAP FICO Training in Chennai by SAP FICO Certified SAP ERP Expert with real time SAP FICO Experience in MNC Companies. IICT is the best SAP Training Institute in Chennai.

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SAP FICO Training institute in Chennai & SAP FICO Training in Chennai with Placement & SAP FICO Training Center in Chennai & SAP FICO Training with Placement in Chennai

IICT Computer Education, Chrompet Chennai provides real-time and placement focused sap fico training in chennai . Our sap fico course includes basic to advanced level and our sap ficocourse is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in chennai as quickly as once you complete the sap fico certification training course. Our sap fico trainers are sap-fico certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple SAP FICO projects knowledge. We have designed our sap fico course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our sap fico training program, you will learn Accounting Customizing I, Financial Closing, Asset Accounting, Basics of SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Solution Manager, General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting Customizing II, Reporting in Financials, sap fico real time project and sap-fico placement training.

Our sap-fico training centers are equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide sap-fico certification training path for our students in chennai.we have trained more than 50+ sap fico students and provided placement at IICT.We are awarded as the best SAP Training Institute in Chennai Our sap-fico course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. sap fico training in chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

Eligibility for SAP FICO Training @ IICT , Chennai

  • Must have Accounts Background - B.Com, M.Com , CA , ICWA, MBA - Finance

  • Freshers are eligible for SAP FICO Training and it is the best module for accounts background freshers for getting into SAP Domain as end user in SAP FICO.

  • In order to become as SAP FICO Consultant minimum 3 years finance experience required for all the MNC Companies

  • SAP FICO Demo Class has been conducted on every Saturday @ 10 am by Infosys Expert.

  • SAP FICO Workshop has been conducted once in a month by SAP FICO Expert Mr.Selvam who have 15+ years of domain experience in SAP FICO and Vast Training Experience.

  • Admission Procedure for SAP FICO Training @IICT

  • Needed Students only with Accounts Background

  • Passport size photograph for life time support ID

  • Address proof & ID Proof

  • Emergency Contact Number

  • SAP FICO Training Course Content in Chennai

    SAP FICO Training in Chennai by industry standards and our trainers are certified by SAP. SAP FICO Syllabus covers both practical Training and Theoretical Training. Our trainers are coming from various IT companies who have nearly 15+ years of experience in SAP FICO industries.

    SAP FICO Training in Chennai - Brochure

    Download SAP FICO Course Content in Chennai

    Introduction to SAP R/3

  • Introduction to ERP, and S.A.P

  • What is S.A.P / R/2-R/3 ARCHITECTURE

  • S.A.P Server landscape


  • Financial Accounting Basic Settings:

  • Definition of company

  • Definition of company code

  • Assignment of company to company code

  • Definition of business area

  • Definition of fiscal year variant

  • Assignment of fiscal year variant to company code

  • Definition of posting period variant

  • Assignment of posting period variant to company code

  • Open and close posting period

  • Defining document type & number ranges

  • Maintenance of field status variants

  • Assignment of field status variant to company code

  • Definition of tolerance groups for GL accounts

  • Definition of tolerance groups for employees

  • Assignment of tolerance groups to users

  • Taxes on Sales & Purchases (input & output)

  • Creation of chart of Accounts

  • Defining Accounts Groups

  • Defining Retained Earnings Account.

  • General Ledger Accounting:

  • Creation of General Ledger Master (with and with out reference)

  • Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master

  • Document Entry posting normal postings and posting with reference

  • Display and change of documents

  • Display of GL balances

  • Display GL account line items

  • Parked documents

  • Hold documents

  • Creation of Sample Document and postings with sample documents

  • Defining recurring entry document and postings with recurring doc.

  • Creation of account assignment model and posting

  • Configuration of line layouts for display of GL line items

  • Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal , reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual and deferral documents

  • Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation ratios

  • Define Exchange rates & posting of foreign currency transactions

  • Interest calculations on term loans

  • Accrual and Deferral documents

  • Accounts Payable

  • Creation of vendor account groups

  • Creation of number ranges for vendor master records

  • Assignment of number ranges to vendor account groups

  • Creation of tolerance group for venders

  • Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)

  • Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo)

  • Settings for advance payments to parties (down payment) and clearing of down payment against invoices (special GL transactions)

  • Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment

  • Creation of payment terms

  • Creation of house banks and account ids.

  • Creation of check lots and maintenance of check register

  • Display check register

  • Cancellation of un issued checks

  • Creation of void reasons

  • Cancellation of issued checks

  • Posting of purchase returns

  • Configuration of automatic payment program

  • Payment to vendors through APP

  • Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

  • Accounts receivable:

  • Creation of customer account groups

  • Creation of number ranges for customer master records

  • Assignment of number ranges for customer account groups

  • Creation of tolerance group for customers

  • Creation of customer master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)

  • Posting of customer transactions (sales invoice posting, payment posting, debit memo)

  • Settings for advance payment from parties (down payment)

  • Configuration of settings for dunning

  • Generating the dunning letters

  • Defining correspondence and party statement of accounts

  • Bills of exchange

  • Posting of sales return

  • Asset Accounting

  • Defining chart of depreciation

  • Creation of 0% tax codes for sales and purchased

  • Assignment of chart of depreciation to company code

  • Defining account determination

  • Definition of screen lay out rules

  • definition of number ranges for asset classes

  • Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules

  • Defining Depreciation key

  • Definition of multilevel methods

  • Definition of period control methods

  • Creation of main asset master records

  • Creation of sub asset master records

  • Acquisition of fixed assets

  • Sale of fixed assets

  • Transfer of assets

  • Scrapping of assets

  • Depreciation run

  • Line item Settlement of assets under construction of capital work in progress

  • New General ledger accounting:

  • Parallel ledgers

  • Document splitting

  • Segments.

  • Reports

  • Financial statement version

  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Assets Reports Integration

  • Integration of financial accounting with materials management:

  • Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase organization

  • Assignment of organizational units to each other

  • Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders

  • Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt

  • Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification

  • Definition of vendor specific tolerances

  • Creation, display and change of material master records

  • Creation of plant parameters

  • Maintenance of posting periods for materials management

  • Mainternace of parameters for invoice verification

  • Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventory

  • Definition of attributes for material types

  • Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting (Integration of MM with FI)

  • Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and
  • Goods issue for production

  • Integration of financial accounting with sales and distributioin:

  • Definition of sale s organization

  • Definition of distribution channels

  • Definition of divisions

  • Assignment among various organizational units in SD

  • Definition of partner functions

  • Definitions of shipping point and loading points

  • Definition of pricing procedures

  • Determining the shipping points

  • Determining the pricing procedures

  • Maintenance of SD condition types

  • Maintenance of condition records

  • Assignment of GL accounts for sales transactions( integration of FI with SD)

  • Creation of sales order

  • Initialization of stock

  • Posting the delivery of goods

  • Creating the sales invoice

  • SAP CO (CONTROLLING) Training in Chennai

    Basic settings for controlling:

  • Defining Controlling Area

  • Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area

  • Maintain Planning Versions

  • Cost element accounting:

  • Creation of primary cost elements from financial accounting area

  • Creation of primary cost elements from controlling area

  • Display of cost element master records

  • Change cost element master records

  • Primary cost element categories

  • Secondary cost element categories

  • Default account assignments

  • Cost Center Accounting:

  • Defining Cost Center Standard Hierarchy

  • Creation of Cost Centers and cost center groups

  • Display cost center master records

  • Change cost center master records

  • Creation of cost center groups

  • Posting to cost centers

  • Reposting of co line items

  • Repost of Costs

  • Planning for cost centers

  • Overhead Calculation

  • Creation of secondary cost element master records

  • Creation and Execution of Distribution Cycle

  • Creation and execution of assessment cycles

  • Cost center reports

  • Internal Orders:

  • Defining order types

  • Creation of internal order master records

  • Display internal order master records

  • Change internal order master records

  • Postings to internal orders

  • Planning for internal orders

  • Reposting co line items for internal orders

  • Repost of costs for internal orders

  • Report of Variance analysis for internal orders

  • Creation of real internal orders

  • Posting of business transaction to real orders

  • Definition of allocation structures

  • Definition of settlement profiles

  • Definition of planning profiles

  • Settlement of real internal orders

  • Budgeting and availability control

  • Maintain number ranges for budgeting

  • Define tolerances for availability control

  • Specification of exempt cost elements from availability control

  • Maintenance of budget manager

  • Profit Center Accounting:

  • Basic Settings for Profit Center Accounting

  • Creation of Dummy Profit Centers

  • Maintenance of control parameters for actual postings

  • Maintaining planning versions for profit centers

  • Maintaining the number ranges for profit center documents

  • Creation of profit center master records

  • Display of profit center master records

  • Changing the profit center master records

  • Creation of revenue cost elements

  • Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers

  • Assignment of profit centers in cost center master records

  • Creation of account groups in profit center accounting for planning

  • Planning for profit and loss account items

  • Planning for balance sheet items

  • Posting of transactions into profit centers

  • Generating the variance reports for profit and loss account items

  • Generating the variance reports for balance sheet items.

  • Profitability analysis

  • Maintaining the operating concern

  • Define profitability segment characteristics

  • Assignment of controlling area to operating concern

  • Activating the profitability analysis

  • Define number ranges for actual postings

  • Mapping of SD conditions types to COPA value fields

  • Creation of reports

  • Viewing the reports

  • Product costing:

    Product cost planning:

  • Creation of bill materials

  • Creation of activity type master records

  • Planning for activity hours

  • Activity type price calculation

  • Creation of work center master records

  • Creation of routings

  • Defining cost sheet( over head structures)

  • Assignment of cost sheet to costing variant

  • Creation of cost estimate with quantity structure

  • Marking

  • Releasing

  • Creation of cost estimate without quantity structure

  • SAP FICO Training Course Syllabus in Chennai

    SAP FICO Training in Chennai by industry standards and our trainers are certified by SAP. SAP FICO Syllabus covers both practical Training and Theoretical Training. Our trainers are coming from various IT companies who have nearly 15+ years of experience in SAP FICO industries.

    Accounting Customizing I

    Configure and use the payment program. Define the customizing settings for the Payment Medium Workbench. Create a payment medium using the PMW. Use the debit balance check for handling payments Set up dunning and execute dunning. Define terms of payment and payment types. Explain the connection of customers to vendors. Set up correspondence and send periodic account statements. Define terms of payment and payment types. Understand integration with sales and distribution. Understand integration with procurement.

    Financial Closing

    Perform month and year-end closing in Financial Accounting (exchange rate valuation, post provisions etc.). Create balance sheet and profit and loss statements. Monitor closing operations using the Financial Closing Cockpit. Post accruals with accrual documents and recurring entry documents. Manage posting periods.

    Asset Accounting

    Create and maintain chart of depreciations and the depreciation areas. Create and maintain asset classes and asset master data. Configure and perform FI-AA business processes in the SAP System. Setup valuation and depreciation. Perform periodic and year-end closing processes. Explain and configure parallel accounting (with the accounts solution).

    Basics of SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Solution Manager

    Explain the basics of SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Solution Manager

    General Ledger Accounting

    Create and maintain general ledger accounts. Maintain exchange rates. Maintain bank master data. Define house banks. Create and reverse general ledger transfer postings. Post cross-company code transactions. Create profit centers and segments. Clear an account. Use document parking. Define and use a chart of accounts. Maintain tolerances. Maintain tax codes. Perform postings with document splitting. Parallel accounting with the accounts and ledger approach.

    Accounts Payable

    Create and maintain vendor accounts. Post and reverse invoices and payments and use special g/l transactions. Manage partial payments. Block open vendor invoices for payment.

    Accounts Receivable

    Design customer master structure. Define payment terms. Define payment methods. Setup the automatic payment, dunning and correspondence. Configure automatic revenue account determination. Create and manage Special G/L transactions (down payment requests, down payments and allocation, individual value adjustments, and so on).

    Accounting Customizing II

    Utilize document parking. Configure and test validations and substitutions. Create and post using special g/l transactions. Execute archiving for documents and master data in financial accounting.

    Reporting in Financials

    Create evaluations in the information system. Customize the accounts receivable/accounts payable information system. Use drilldown reporting. Define forms and execute reports. Create, change and execute queries.



  • Features

  • Company

  • Company Code

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Account Groups

  • Parallel Accounting

  • Integration of Legal and Management Reporting

  • Segment Reporting

  • Controlling area

  • Fiscal Year

  • Special Periods

  • Cost Centre

  • Profit Centre

  • Profit Center Group

  • Cost Centre

  • Cost Centre Group

  • Posting Keys

  • Document Type


  • General Ledger Account Codes

  • Creation of Account Codes (FS00)

  • Extending GL accounts (FS15)

  • Creation of Primary Cost Element (KA01)

  • Maintaining Cost and Activity Type(KP26)

  • Allocation Cost Element

  • Creation of Secondary Cost Element (KA06)

  • Creation of Vendor Master Codes (FK01)

  • Creation of Customer Master Codes (FD01)

  • Creation of Internal Order Master (KO01)

  • Creation of Asset Master Codes (AS01)

  • Creation of Asset Sub-number Codes (AS11)

  • Display of Asset Master Codes (AW01N)

  • Creation of Bank Key Masters (FI01)

  • Creation of House bank (FI12)

  • Maintaining Cheque Lots for Each Banks (FCHI)


  • Booking a Journal Voucher (F-02)/ (FB50)

  • Display of Journal Voucher (FB03)

  • Booking Accrual/Deferral Document (FBS1)

  • Reverse Accrual/Deferral Document (F.81)

  • Individual Reversal (FB08)

  • Creation of sample document (F-01)

  • Display Sample Document (FBM3)

  • Passing the Entry Using Sample Document (FB50)

  • Booking of Recurring Entries (FBD1)

  • Posting of Recurring Entries (F.14)


  • Vendor Invoice Posting (FB60) / (F-43)

  • Vendor Credit Memo Posting (FB65)/ (F-41)

  • Vendor Invoice Payment ( F-53) / (F-58)

  • Advance Payments to Vendors (F-48)

  • Clearing the Down Payment (F-54)

  • Memorandum Entries / Noted Items (F-57)



  • Customer Invoice (FB70)

  • Booking Customer Invoices (F-22)

  • Customer Collection (F-28)

  • Printing Pay in Slips (ZPAYSLIP)

  • Clearing Open Line Items in the GL account (F-03)

  • Customer advance (F-29)

  • Clearing Advance (F-39)

  • Refund of Advance to Customer (F-31)/(F-18)

  • Clear Customer Invoice with Advances ( F-32)


  • Maintain The Foreign Exchange Rate (OB08)

  • Realised Gain Loss

  • Unrealized Gain Or Loss

  • Revaluation / Restatement of General Ledger A/c


  • Posting Procedure for Bills of Exchange Receivable

  • Acceptance of Bills Of Exchange (F-36)

  • Bill Discounting (F-33)

  • Reverse Contingent Liability (F-20)

  • Memorandum Entries (Noted Items - (F-49))

  • Reversal of Noted Entries (FB08)


  • Display cheque register (FCHN)

  • Printing Cheque (FBZ5)

  • Manual issue of cheque (FCH5)

  • Deleting Cheque Number (FCHF)

  • Voiding Cheques (FCH9/ FCH3)

  • Voiding Cheque With Reversal Document (FCH8)

  • Resetting Of Cleared Document (FBRA)

  • Reprinting of Cheques-FCH7

  • Automatic Payment Program- (F110)

  • Cash Journal (FBCJ)

  • Splitting of Cash Journal Entries

  • Cash Payment to Vendors/ Customers

  • Reversal of Cash Journal



  • Integration

  • Procedure

  • View and rectify any errors in the Bank Statement (FEBAN)

  • Uploading Manual Bank Statement through Excel ( ZFF67)

  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation(FF.5)

  • Entry Flow for CMS Collections


  • Creation of material master (MM01)

  • Extension of Vendor Master ( XK01)

  • Creation of internal order (KO01)

  • Budgeting Internal order (KO22)

  • Creation of purchase order (ME21N)

  • Release Purchase order( ME29N)

  • Goods Receipt ( MIGO )

  • Invoice verification (MIRO)

  • Settlement of internal order (KO88)

  • Creation of asset master (AS01)

  • Settlement of CWIP to Main asset.(KO02)

  • Final settlement of CWIP to Main asset (KO88)

  • Depreciation Run ( AFAB)

  • Asset sale with Customer F-92

  • Asset sale without Customer - ABAON

  • Sales of Assets

  • Assets Scrapping ( ABAVN)

  • Asset transfer (ABUMN)

  • Asset Revaluation (ABAW)

  • Impairment of Asset (ABAA)


  • Withholding Tax

  • Create Remittance Challan (J1INCHLN)

  • Enter Bank Challan Updation (J1INBANK)

  • Certificate print ( J1INCERT)

  • Reprint TDS Certificate (J1INCCREP)

  • Quarterly Return (J1INQEFILE)

  • TDS for Concessional Rate of Tax


  • Creation of Tax code (FTXP)



  • Maintaining of Excise Master Data (J1ID)

  • Excise JV (J1IH)

  • Making Adjustment Postings for Scrap (Material Write-off)

  • Making Adjustment Postings for Materials Not Used in Production

  • Making Adjustment Postings for Additional Excise Paid by Vendors

  • Making Adjustment Postings for Money Transferred to PLA

  • Making Adjustment Postings for Other Transactions

  • CENVAT Register (J2I9)

  • Excise Register Extraction (J2I5)

  • Print Excise Register (J2I6)

  • Monthly Utilisation of Cenvat Credit and Payment from PLA (J2IUN)

  • Click on the Execute Button


  • Sale of Capital Goods in the Year of Purchase

  • For Claiming Balance 50% Cenvat Credit on Assets in the Next Accounting Year

  • ER 1 Register (J2IER1)



  • Form Tracking


  • Material Management (MM) Integration

  • Material Creation Display( MM03)

  • Purchase Order: GR IR: Goods Receipt Invoice Receipt

  • Invoice verification(MIRO)

  • Reversal of MIRO (MR8M)

  • Release Blocked Invoices (MRBR)


  • Process

  • For Comparison of Master Data from Sales & Distribution to Finance Accounting (OV50)

  • Display Sales Order ( FV03)

  • Display the billing document (VF03)

  • Creation of excise invoice (J1IIN)

  • Customer Analysis (FD11)


  • Reset and Reversal of Documents (FBRA)

  • Transfer Posting with Clearing (F-04)



  • Designing of Balance Sheet

  • Designing of Profit & Loss

  • Assigning of Accounts to FSV

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Fixed Assets

  • Bank & Cash

  • Travel Management


  • Correspondence (FB12 & F.64)

  • Interest Calculation on MSMED

  • Calculate Interest on Arrears without Postings (F.4C)

  • Interest Rate Maintaining (OB83)


  • Display BOM ( CS03)/ Multilevel BOM ( CS11)

  • Display Routing ( CA03)

  • View cost of Final Product ( CK11N)

  • Display Production Order ( CS03)

  • Production Order Confirmation ( CO11N)

  • View Material Document (MB03)

  • To Get Actual Cost of Production Order Settlement (KO88)

  • Overheads Assessment Cycle (KSU5)

  • Executing Assessment Cycle

  • Month end process WIP Calculation ( KKAO)

  • Settlement of orders which are in WIP (CO88/KO88)

  • Changing the Cut-off Period(KKA0)



  • Fiscal Year Change : Asset Accounting (AJRW)

  • Capital WIP CLOSING (AJAB)

  • Customer Vendor Balance Carry forward (F.07)

  • Year-End Close : General Ledger (FAGLGVTR)


  • Planning At profit centre level (GP12N)

  • Uploading Plan Data from Excel Sheet (GLPLUP)


  • Overall Process of Travel Management

  • Process Flow

  • Travel Request

  • Travel Planning

  • Travel Expense Report

  • Creating a Travel Request


  • Use

  • Procedure

  • Result

  • Approving a Travel Request

  • Mass approval


  • Create Mutual Fund Master(AS01)

  • Investment procurement(F-90)

  • Sale of Investments


  • Copy & Paste Data of SAP Screen

  • Table Settings

  • Creating your Own Favourite menu

  • Reduction of Repetitive work

  • Changing Layout of a Report

  • Setting up the Printer for Each User ID

  • Sending Mail from the SAP System


  • Logging a problem while working with SAP

  • Viewing the Issue Logs / Status /Solution / Confirmations

  • Escalating the Problem higher Level/ Changing the Status

  • Reports / Referring to Old Solutions

  • Personalising the F4 Values

  • SAP FICO Trainer profile

  • More than 15 Years of experience in SAP FICO Technologies

  • Has worked on 8 realtime SAP FICO projects

  • Working in a MNC company in Chennai

  • Trained 50+ Students so far.

  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

  • SAP FICO certified Professionals

  • SAP FICO Training in Chennai Benefits

  • Real Time Trainers

  • SAP FI/ SAP CO Materials will be provided (Both hard copy and Soft Copy)

  • 100% Placement Assistance

  • Small Training Batch

  • Flexible Timings

  • Practical Guidance

  • Excellent Lab Facility

  • SAP FICO Resume Preparation

  • Hands on Experience

  • SAP FICO Certification Support

  • Life Time Support will be provided

  • Implementation Support will be provided for SAP FICO Real Time Projects

  • Video Tutorials will be provided

  • After regular Class hours 24/7 support provided for Practice

  • Regular assignments and sap fico implementation tasks will be provided

  • SAP FICO training batch size in Chennai

    Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

  • Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

  • Fast Track Batch (5+ Hours daily)

  • Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

  • SAP FICO training duration in Chennai

    Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Duration : 60 days

  • Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Duration : 9 Weeks

  • Fast Track Training Program( 5+ hours daily)

  • Duration : within 20 days

  • SAP FICO training Location in Chennai

    Our SAP FICO Training center

    Contact Us

    No.14/22, Third Floor,
    First Cross Street, Newcolony,
    Chrompet, Chennai- 600 044.

    Land Mark: Near Chrompet Railway Station and Bus Stop,
    Behind Sri Krishna Sweets.


    SAP FICO Corporate Training in Chennai

    Our Corporate training programs feature:

  • Customized training programs

  • Flexible Training Schedule - courses can be delivered at your chosen convenient time.

  • Hands-on training

  • Flexible group size

  • Affordable Price

  • Most advanced Training Resources - structured course material, learning CDs, highly experienced and certified faculty members.

  • Video Tutorials will be provided

  • SAP FICO Online Training in Chennai

  • Custom lessons with specific terminology and examples from your business

  • Designed and developed from scratch with your employees in mind

  • Simulations are based on your SAP system, mirroring your exact system version, configuration and business processes

  • Courses can be organized by business process or job role and include any functionality that you desire.

  • SAP FICO Training in Chennai Support

  • Land Line : 8680073004

  • SAP FICO Placement Training in Chennai

  • More than 50+ students Trained

  • 90% percent Placement Record

  • 8 Interviews Organized

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    SAP FICO Recruiting Companies in Chennai

  • Cognizant

  • Wipro

  • TCS and Many More Companies

  • SAP FICO Certification Exam in Chennai


    The "SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting (FI) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4" certification exam verifies that the candidate has proven skills and fundamental knowledge in the area of the SAP Financial Accounting. The exam proves that the candidate has a good and overall understanding within this consultant profile and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant. This certificate is the ideal -although not mandatory- prerequisite for the qualification to Financial Accounting Application Professional in any of the specialist areas. It is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow consultants to get acquainted within Financial Accounting projects.


    To ensure success, SAP recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training.

    You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).

    General Information

  • Exam Preparation

  • Each specific certification comes with its own set of preparation tactics. We define them as "Topic Areas" and they can be found on each exam description. You can find the number of questions, the duration of the exam, what areas you will be tested on, and recommended course work and content you can reference. Please be aware that the professional- level certification also requires several years of practical on-the-job experience and addresses real-life scenarios.

  • Safeguarding the Value of Certification

  • SAP Education has worked hard together with the Certification & Enablement Influence Council to enhance the value of certification and improve the exams. An increasing number of customers and partners are now looking towards certification as a reliable benchmark to safeguard their investments. Unfortunately, the increased demand for certification has brought with it a growing number of people who to try and attain SAP certification through unfair means. This ongoing issue has prompted SAP Education to place a new focus on test security. Please take a look at our SCN blog to understand what you can do to help to protect the credibility of your certification status.

    Our Certification Test Security Guidelines will help you as test taker to understand the testing experience.


    Latest Reviews of IICT- " Students Are Brand Ambassadors "

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